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Our Team

Current Team

Our combination of experience and fresh blend of human resource is capable of taking challenges and achieving the set goals under the founders’ leadership.

We believe in teamwork as a vital tool in improved problem-solving, work efficiency and increased workflow speed. Our progress is dedicated to our cohesive team that has led the organization to success. We have seen the obvious benefits of great teamwork through better productivity, shared experiences and a great deal of learning.

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Khalid Juma

Founder/ Managing Director

Thrive to Succeed with seamless efforts, resource mobiliser and a great supporter of the Team..


Shibu Surendran

Founder / Brand Development Director

By leading the team, being a member, mentor & bridge between resources and goals.

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Venkatesh Govinda

Business Development Manager

A creative inventive thinker, craves a challenge and isn't afraid to work outside the comfort zone. Consistently aims to push revenue expectations and exceed goals.

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Zahra Abdulkarim Isa

Manager - PR, HR and Admin.

Ambitious , goal-oriented, futuristic. Spreads the positive energy in her career.

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Harijeet Ajeeshkumar

Logistics/IT Executive

Ready to do the given work and with good computer skill, kind and caring, passion in drawing and love to play video games, can be trusted and like to drive.

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Jasim Ponnadan Nazar

Messenger/ Merchandiser

Excellence in work, good mind, quality of work, caring, good customer communication, passion for football, cricket and I love driving.


We sincerely appreciate our Ex-Team member’s efforts for their valuable contributions to the improvement of the concerned departments they worked with us and our business’s overall growth.


Our current success is a combined result of our former teammate’s tremendous efforts, persistence, and hard work. We proudly owe our excellence to their collaborative work. Their expertise, sincere dedication, and idea contributions have had a substantial effect on our overall development.

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Suni Vijay

Accountant /Admin Executive

A workaholic person, loves her office desk and laptop the most and works from the heart with a smile. She contributed a lot during her tenure.

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John Kingsly

Messenger / Merchendiser

He was known for his workmanship and loyalty. He always tried for something new to grow the business or maintain our assets. He had contributed enough to memorise his tenure with us.

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Vivek Retnam

Sales Executive

Our first Sales Executive for the stationery division. He worked with us during the start-up stages and supported us in popularizing our name in the market.

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Rajesh Thankappan

Logistics Executive

A man of simplicity and well known for his personal qualities and friendship, worked with us to set up a systematic inventory management and logistics practices.

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Viji Retnakaran

Accounts/Admin Executive

An ideal employee for SME, Our First Team member, always worked hard for the overall growth of the business in all means and proud of its achievements. She worked with us on limited facilities and resources without any demands. She contributed a lot and still being a good wisher.

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Linoy Alexander

Chief Accountant

Casual in nature, leading the youth with significant responsibilities, loyalty & caliber. Yet to bring his best out! He strengthened our accounting and finance system with his continuous efforts and loyalty. He had gained lots of experience in Corporate Credit , HR , General Administration , Legal and Import/Export and used all of them for our growth.

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Jithu Gopi

Messenger/ Merchandiser

He is known for his good manners and qualities. He was an inevitable part of our team.


Internships are beneficial because they help develop your professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and provide a more significant door to opportunity. By investing in internships, you’ll give yourself the broadest spectrum of opportunity when seeking and applying for a job after college. In today’s diverse and highly competitive work environment, employers are looking for employees who have acquired experience and achieved success in the workplace.

We are always happy to share our learning experiences, which is why we extend our support to learning students and freshers with internships because we understand the value of every generous mind’s first opportunity to make a successful career.

While hiring, we always prioritise Freshers irrespective of their lack of experience but considering their fresh ideas and attitude towards the company and their vision and passion to their career.

Interested Candidates for Internship may send their latest CV and application to info@wefirsttrading.com.



Student Consultancy Program-2018

We had provided Internship to 6 Marketing Graduation students from The University of Bahrain under Tamkeen-Intelaaq Student Consultancy Program-2018.